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My name is Seth Price and I have the same goal for every keynote presentation opportunity: to be the best, most inspiring speaker you’ve ever worked with…

I’ve spoken internationally at hundreds of events for all types audiences, from corporate executives, entrepreneurial teams, academics, students and small business leaders. In each keynote, I’m hell-bent on providing evidence-based insights and practical applications on branding, innovation, and go to market strategy. I believe that each audience member should walk away with a deeper perspective but also a simple plan of action to build a better brand.

Action Packed

I customize every presentation to meet the audience just where they need to be going.

Organized & Professional

I value your time. I am always prompt, organized and prepared, ready to give it my all.

Visually Stimulating

I love design and always make sure the visuals add to the presentation. No death by powerpoint.

All my keynotes are focused on how to amplify your marketing and build a recognized brand in this crazy world we live in.

Whether you are an individual or run a large organization, modern brand building requires a new approach to connecting with your target audience. From content marketing and social, to search optimization, PR and building a tribe of influencers. You can’t outsource your brand anymore; you need a strategic approach to making your mark in this world.

Each of my presentations are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.

Take a look at some of my most requested topics below. Keep in mind that I can present these as a keynote or a workshop. Also, I have a half-day, and in some cases, full-day seminar version. Let me know if any of the topics resonate with your goals and I can provide a more detailed description of the subject.

The Road to Recognition: Brand Building In The Age Of Distraction.

You don’t control your brand anymore, your customers do. Most people think of branding as a new website, a good slogan, and some beautiful business cards. Your brand is being shaped by everything you do. Online reviews, peer referrals, conversations on social networks and the content consumed by your socially connected customers. Learn how to combine the new and old tools for brand building to build trust at scale. The Road to Recognition is also the topic of my latest book where I outline 26 strategies for building a brand that matters in the age of digital.

Creating Recognition: How to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader.

Expertise and talent as a leader can get you in the door. Thought leadership, however, makes you indispensable and irreplaceable. Learn how to build a reputation as a singular expert — someone who doesn’t just participate in the conversation, but drives it. This is your road to recognition. Strategies for creating brand differentiation for yourself, your team, organization, and community. Your profession may not be unique, but you are. And establishing thought leadership can give you greater mindshare, higher perceived value and a steady stream of ideal clients. You just need to drive.

Rapid Brand Building: Content Marketing + Video + Search: New Formulas for Getting Found.

The lines between content marketing, SEO and video continue to blur with the rise in mobile and the increasingly distracted consumer. Each plays an integral part in gaining recognition by consumers today — and they need to work together. What new approaches are getting results? What should you avoid? Who in your industry is doing it right? How can you get started? This talk outlines 3 fundamental steps from the A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding in the Road to Recognition.

Selling to The Modern Consumer: Leveraging Your Personal Brand to Connect in Real Time.

The buying process has changed; it’s digital, it’s mobile, it’s heavily influenced by social. The modern sales professional leverages their trust, relationships and the tools of social media to be where their consumers are online, offline and non-stop. Companies that invest in operationalizing and scaling social selling will have a massive competitive advantage, as 78% of sales professionals using social selling outperform their peers. Seth covers the Why, What and How to approach social selling at a personal brand level.

Here’s a short bio. (Please excuse me writing in the 3rd person, it had to be done) 🙂

Seth is on a mission to transform the way you think about personal branding to accelerate your business. He’s the author of  “The Road to Recognition” Host of The Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius Podcasts.
A mentor to startups, the VP of Industry Relations at Placester and popular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and MarTechToday.

Here’s a longer bio. (Yada Yada)

Seth Price is a marketer, motivator, and media maker—an executive and entrepreneur.

He’s the author of The Road to Recognition. The A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding. Having consulted for more than 300 companies the past 20 years, he’s recognized as a business-builder and digital marketing specialist. He’s passionate about delivering lessons to help business people use media and technology to develop more relevant brands and more rewarding careers.

Seth’s currently the Chief Instigator at Placester, the fastest growing marketing platform for real estate professionals and home of the Real Estate Marketing Academy, a leading educational resource for real estate professionals, visited by more than 100,000 marketers each month. Placester is the fourth multi-million dollar company Seth has helped grow from scratch. As the #3 hire at Placester, Seth has worn all of the go-to-market hats and helped the company build a 450,000-plus customer base in less than five years.

Seth is relentless on the entrepreneurial front as well. He’s an in-demand speaker booked over 25 times each year to deliver actionable sessions on personal branding, marketing strategy, and sales. His interview-based programs, Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius are widely heralded as top marketing strategy podcasts. Seth’s a popular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and MarTechToday.

Seth lives in Rhode Island, the smallest state, with the biggest heart. He’s a husband, father, chef, gardener and martial arts junkie.

How to introduce Seth

Or at least a place to start.

“This speaker is on a mission to transform the way you think about leveraging personal branding for professional success.

He’s the author of the “The Road to Recognition

Host of The Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius Podcasts.

A mentor to startups, A popular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and MarTechToday.

He’s part of the founding team at Placester where he’s worn all of the go-to-market hats and helped the company build a 450,000-plus customer base in less than five years.

Today Seth is here to inspire us to ask hard questions and think outside the box.

Please welcome… Seth Price.”

Seth Price has been one of our most in demand speakers, with relevant online marketing topics, beautifully designed and engaging presentations, and a style and mannerism that audiences love.

Will Hansen VP of Events at Inman News

Seth delivered an outstanding presentation at our Innovators Ignite Conference on social business, which was one of the biggest wins of the day. His content is clear, provides concise take-always, and creatively demonstrates his keen expertise!

Sarah Westney Marketing Technology Manager

We had the pleasure of booking Seth to speak at our annual education event and our expectations were absolutely shattered — Seth was incredible. He delivered timely, relevant and fresh content to them, and it was so fun watching the “aha!” moments rippling throughout the audience.

Stephanie Crain Dir of Business Development, CRS

``We hired Seth to speak at our last conference and he was a huge hit. His stage presence and speaking ability was captivating and content spot on. He has a unique ability to capture and hold his audience's attention until the very end. We will absolutely be inviting Seth to speak again!``

Justin Stutz
Justin Stutz VP Training at Williston Enterprise Solutions & Technology

``The conference was weeks ago and I am still in awe. Everyone is still talking about it. I received feedback forms from almost every attendee and the reviews were all stellar. His content was fresh and relevant yet easy to understand. He delivered each talk in a patient way, engaging the audience when questions arose.``

Kara Macdonald Founder, Your Favorite Title Lady

``Seth helped us draw one of the best turnouts we've ever had. His keynote energized the room and delivered an incredible amount of value in a relatively short period of time. And he moderated our panel like a pro, asking thoughtful, well-researched questions, challenging panelists to dig deeper, and keeping the whole event moving on time.``

Kyle Nacci Community Manager at Founders League