Personal Branding:
Ultimate Resource Guide

Personal branding is one of the most important skills that every professional must master at some point in their career. It’s the culmination of many different skills: You need to set some career goals, apply marketing strategy, influencer marketing, positioning, content creation and good old fashioned networking if you want people to take notice of who you are and who you want to be.

If you’re looking to boost the awareness of your business, get more control of your career path, start a personal reinvention or just plain ol’ want to sell more stuff (And who doesn’t fit into one of those categories) Then Personal Branding is a Must.

There was a time in Personal Branding history where your pedigree held the keys to the kingdom. Your skills, your resume, your lineage and the combination of who you knew and who you worked for could open the doors to great riches. Things have changed.

Make no mistake, knowing the right people and being exceptional at what you do are still foundational, they’re just not sufficient in the age of content overwhelm and non-stop internet access.

Building your personal brand today requires dedicating some serious resources (time, money & expertise) towards creating awareness of who you are and the value you can bring to others.

We no longer live in the era of push marketing, brands today are built by creating trust and being useful to the folks that could be customers. In the era of unlimited choice, you need to make yourself choosable just to get in the game.

The Ultimate List of the Web’s Best Personal Branding Resources.

WHY? Because digital overwhelm is now part of our daily lives, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited internet and unlimited choices have created more noise than any one human being can process. Standing out requires more than just showing up, it’s about creating remarkable value and building personal connections both online and off.

From Niche Building & Blogging to Influencer Marketing & Podcasting, This Guide Has You Covered.

Chapter 1:

Personal Branding Basics

If you’re new to Personal Branding or looking to brush up on the basics – these resources will help you get focused on the branding activities that best suit your goals and more importantly align with your strengths and personality. What may surprise you, is that you already have a personal brand. The people around you make assumptions based upon the small bits of information that they have at their disposal, what you’re wearing, what they’ve heard about you and the words that you speak. In this chapter we’ll explore what it takes to craft a personal brand that you’re proud to share with the world, a brand that creates a positive impression on the people that matter in your niche. Let’s face it, even in this time of digital everything, we do business with people that we know, like, and trust. Your personal brand is the platform for building a relationship with the world around you. Read more to learn about the psychology of reinvention, how to define your brand to support your professional life and an A-Z guide to getting started.

Chapter 2:

How to Decide on Your Personal Brand Vision & Target Niche

This is often the hardest part for most people. deciding who you want to be in the world and how it fits into your long term goals. What’s key here is building a brand that aligns your uniqueness with a group of individuals that can become your raving fans and loyal customers. You’ll learn how to access your special sauce, what makes for great leaders, how to define a target audience and identify a niche market.

Chapter 3:

How to Create a Website That Reflects Your Personal Brand

If you’re going to build your brand somewhere on the web, don’t build your foundation on land somebody else already owns. You want your own land and your own website for digital independence. It’s very tempting to put all of your marketing eggs in baskets controlled by others: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You will ultimately use those platforms to promote your brand, but the foundation of your brand should be a website that you and only you control. In this chapter, you’ll learn 10 reasons why you need your own website, what it should include,, how to launch one in a weekend and a guide to using video and visuals to stand out.

Chapter 4:

Generating Massive Awareness with Content Marketing & Blogging

Content marketing means many things to many people, but at it’s core, it’s about providing value to a target audience in the form of answers and entertainment for a specific business goal. The best content shows compassion for your audience and serves them in ways that they’ve never experienced before. It surfaces information that they find helpful and in the process it educates them. Done right, content marketing establishes an approach for considering your product, service or, topic. The outcome can be as varied as your goals: establishing subject matter expertise, driving awareness with a target audience, gaining trust, and building your brand. In this chapter you’ll learn what content marketing is and isn’t, how to use content to build your brand and how to find your blogging voice.

Chapter 5:

How to Use Podcasting to FastTrack your Personal Brand

I happen to love podcasts and it seems like the I’m not alone, 20% of Americans are now listening to podcasts at least once a month, that’s a lot of hours directly attached to your target audience’s brain. According to the Washington Post, there were over 1 billion podcast downloads this past year and monthly podcast listeners have reached 75 million per month. Podcasts allow individual and traditional broadcasters alike to reach younger, and more varied audiences. “People under the age of 30 don’t own radios,” noted WNYC’s CEO and president Laura Walker.

What’s great about podcasts is there are no rules, you can target a niche as specific as you like, the listening habits are so varied and what you determine as ROI is all up to you. If done correctly it’s a forum to consistently share your expertise, build your credibility in a very intimate medium. When you have a direct relationship with your listener you can do really interesting things to build your brand. There’s nothing more intimate than being allowed to whisper in someones ear on a regular basis

Chapter 6:

How to Leverage your Personal Brand

What you do as an individual always has an impact on your professional life and depending on where you work, your employed life can add great velocity to your personal brand. Companies are starting to wake up to the fact that the brands of individuals can help create trusting relationships in ways a corporate entity just can’t make on their own. While companies can be trustworthy, people more readily build trust with people. The opportunity exists at any stage of your life to build and refine your personal brand. It’s not about being famous, it’s about being known for something unique in the circles that matter for your life goals. In this chapter we explore how to become a leader in your industry, how to use your brand as a sales tool and why companies need the brands of real people to help them build trust in the world.

Chapter 7:

How to Get Free Press Converge

Getting free press can help you rapidly establish yourself as an authority in your niche. You can build awareness with people that can hire you as an employee, buy your product or generally just think that what you have to say is worth listening to. Getting press coverage is easier said than done, but with focused effort you can create amazing opportunities to grow your personal brand and profile.

Chapter 8:

How to Get Speaking Engagements to Build Your Brand

Public speaking is one of the most important skills you will ever develop in your life. The results of which could be the deciding factor in many things in your life, from getting a date and getting a job to building your business and establishing relationships in your local community. Public speaking is a skill worth learning, learn why public speaking is so important, how to pitch and win conference gigs, and the structure of great talks.

Chapter 9:

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Personal Brand

Big brands have been courting influencers since the silent film era, always looking to sway the buying decisions of their target audience. The advent of social media has changed the playing field and brought online influencers into the picture. Now anyone can take part in this game to grow their business. Once you understand that an influencer is anyone who is able to shape the opin­ions and behav­iors of the people in your corner of the world, you can start building your tribe of supporters. While you don’t have to call it “influencer marketing,” you need to know who makes up your target audience, how they buy and who can influence them during that process. Those are your people, treat them like gold and they will be the best advocates for your brand.

Chapter 10:

How to Use Kindle Self-Publishing to Build Your Personal Brand

If you have a message to share, or you want to position yourself as the leading authority in your niche. Self publishing can be an amazing vehicle to help you stand out. There’s a lot of credibility that comes with having published a book and with the advent of Kindle publishing, it’s easier than ever to create a book that helps people find out about your business and solidify you as an expert in your field. In this chapter, discover how to pick a niche to write about, what’s involved in self-publishing a best seller and all the steps required for launching your new book.

Chapter 11:

The Best Personal Branding Resources Ever

Here’s some of the most amazing personal branding content on the web. I’ve studied this topic for years to help promote the companies that I’ve founded and to leverage my brand to drive sales for the businesses I’ve worked with. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, personal branding opens doors in ways you could never imagine. A personal brand is not about being flashy of fake, it’s about being the authentic you in the public domain. In the era of bits and bytes, authenticity is a currency worth more than gold. Take a look at these valuable resources, I guarantee they will help you uncover the brand inside the feels right for you.

Chapter 12:

The Personal Branding Toolkit

Some branding activities require outside help to get things done. Here are some of my favorite tools and sources of inspiration. Don’t assume that you will craft your ultimate brand overnight, it’s generally a process that evolves over time. It starts by making the decision that it’s important to you and begins to become a reality when you put in the work. While it is possible to create rapid brand awareness, there is no magic bullet, just do it.



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