Brand Building to Create Customers For Life

Let’s be honest; there may be no such thing as a customer for life. But there are things we can do to foster repeat business, referrals, and affinity. Read more to learn how.

As marketers and salespeople, we’re competing for attention with 250 million other websites many of which are offering the same products and services that we’ve claimed as our specialties.

Consumers are emboldened, empowered and fickle, choosing to spend more and more of their buyer’s journey online. In fact, right now, only 20 percent of today’s customer journey is happening in real life, making it harder to keep their attention and their loyalty.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There’s huge value in focusing on your true fans. With the cost of acquiring a new customer coming in almost 500% more than it does to keep current ones, this strategy is probably the most effective thing you can do from a business and marketing perspective.

Start by Focusing on Your True Fans

Over the course of your professional life you’ll work with a sea of customers, but amongst those will be a group who truly appreciate your skills, value your approach and genuinely enjoy working with you. These are your true fans.

Rather than try to turn each and every client into a repeat customer or brand advocate, focus on the individuals who rave about your products or services and happily recommend you to family and friends.

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